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So this is a thing.  There is explicit smut here —and it’s odd and sappy and—well, you’ll see.  I dreamed a dream and this is the result.  

NSFW, buyer beware and whatnot.

Special thanks go to rebornfromash for looking through this when it was still an unedited, phone composed mess.


It was supposed to be a simple thing—get in, wreak some havoc, take some food, get out.

She’d never expected they’d have another rider defending.  It made no sense, but so it was; as Maka rounded the corner to make her getaway, she nearly smacked bodily into a young man who radiated a power eerily similar to her own.  With his white hair and red eyes, that he had the blood was obvious.  

"Outta my way, pigtails," the man looked her up and down dismissively before moving to sweep her aside.  

"I don’t think you understand," she said as she planted herself firmly in front of him, dropping her sack as he came to a halt only inches away.  "You’re looking for me.  I’m dragonborn."  To illustrate her point, she froze the ground beneath his feet, causing him to slip and fall back on his ass.  He glared up at her as she danced back—if he would work to defend such people, then he was as bad as they were and deserved to face her wrath.

"Fuck," the man cursed as he used flame to melt the ice, crouching warily in the resulting puddle.  "Fuck," he repeated as he got to his feet and scrambled back to put more distance between them.  "Wasn’t supposed to be another rider," he muttered, raising his eyes to meet her gaze before smirking at her to show off a set of too sharp teeth.

"Well.  This oughta be fun," he said as a large plume of fire shot her way.  She rolled to the left to dodge it, ignoring the explosion of the wall behind her as she sprang to her feet and shot off a plume of her own.  Maka was about to let out a triumphant yell as he failed to move but it died on her lips when the ice shield came up.  Ice met flame and the burst of steam exploded outward, veiling the entire market center.  

"Crap!" she swore, trying to figure out where he was and sensing him behind her only an instant before he hurled a line of ice at her, and she whirled about and threw up a shield of fire, causing more steam to rise and flood the area.

"Later, tiny tits. Gotta run!” she heard before she sensed him leaving, faster than would be possible for a typical human.  She didn’t bother to chase him—she’d never wanted a fight to begin with and if he opted not to do his job, well, all the better.  Picking up her sack full of necessaries again as the steam cleared, she grabbed another to fill before hurrying away.  With any luck, she’d be long gone before reinforcements arrived—she had no wish to bring Angel into the fight.  

Overall, the dragonborn couldn’t help but to be satisfied—the place was a shambles and she’d picked up enough food to feed the handful of families in the hills for a few weeks—and enough gold that they might stay fed for months.  Better still, she’d sown sufficient chaos that the Lord who had been so exploiting his tenants by underpaying for their labor and overcharging for food might just think twice about resuming his former practices, especially with the rather explicit warning she’d left at the market center.  

The rebel dragonborn who the masses knew only as the Grigori had once again done the work of the people.  And yet, that there had been another dragonborn there to intercede nagged at her.  How could they have known where she would next strike?  Maka hadn’t known herself until she’d walked through the village this morning and heard their plight.  Were they tracking her somehow?  The thought was troubling as she arrived back at the large, quiet meadow where she had left her dragon.  

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Because I am a master procrastinator I wrote a beginning for this AU instead of writing prompts or resbang or original stuff. Also sort of based on krib’s art of it I don’t really want to write anything else for it so if someone wants to continue this feel free to. If you wanna disregard this and write your own version, please do so because this is stupid (my writing, not the AU). This is poorly researched and simply done for the lols. So yeah. Also: DON’T TRY TO SUMMON A DEMON YOURSELF. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE AS NICE AS SOUL.

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