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22, but still an English undergraduate - maybe for life. Coffee slave at Dunkin' Donuts. Also a willing slave to an undying love of animals (especially horses), Fords, and sarcasm. I'm very shy, but please don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm more scared of myself than I am of you.

Blog consists of pictures of things I love in nature. Fandoms posted here are mainly soul eater, fma, fairy tail, and pokemon.

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This is how I proposed to my girlfriend - she said yes!


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This big, beautiful tree fell down on campus today. And of course my finger is in the picture because I’m an idiot.


like imagine if you’d never seen a dog and you saw a saint bernard and you were like, what’s that and then someone was like, thats a dog. and then you saw a chihuahua and you were like ok whats that and they were like, that’s a dog. wouldn’t you feel lied to? wouldn’t you sense that something was amiss

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ya know that kid whos at the arcade and is just watching the demo for a game but they’re pressing the buttons like they’re playing?? well that’s how i’m handling adulthood so far

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Ah just a few more weeks now…

Finally nice enough to be comfortable outside. :)

riverandsky: Once you get this you must share five facts about yourself and pass it on to your ten favourite followers

Sorry… I just saw this now! I really haven’t been paying much attention to tumblr lately and I should >__<


1. Vanilla almond milk is my new favorite thing.

2. I want to get a hummingbird tattoo behind my right ear.

3. My favorite Shakespeare play is King Lear, because I think Cordelia is one of his most inspiring characters ever written and if I ever have a daughter, I want to name her that lol

4. I’m graduating college in one month!!! (But I’m scared because I have no job lined up…)

5. I still play Neopets sometimes haha

I think I’ll delete my tumblr soon. It’s just become a whining spot for me and I’m sorry.

Thank you.


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fandoms come and go but pokemon is forever

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